Torquere Press Birthstone - 1 Emerald - A Birthstones story By Kimberly Burke and J. Falcon Ryu let his eyes flick fro The Emerald Atlas (Books of Beginning. The Emerald Atlas (Books of Beginning Series #1). Home · The Emerald Atlas ( Books of Atlas of the Dragonlance World (Dragonlance Books) · Read more. Enjoy this chapter sampler from THE EMERALD ATLAS by John Stephens! Kate, Michael, and Emma have been in one orphanage after another for the last ten years, passed along like lost baggage. Published in the United States by Alfred A. Knopf, an imprint of Random House Childrens Books.

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    "A strong new trilogy, invoking just a little Harry Potter and Series of Unfortunate Events along the way."—Realms of Fantasy Siblings Kate, Michael, and. the emerald atlas books of beginning [pdf] - free download books the emerald atlas books of beginning you know that reading the emerald atlas books of. Free The Emerald Atlas (The Books of Beginning: Book One) study unit worksheets for teachers to print. Review Quiz and writing prompts (PDF File).

    This is a work of ction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the authors imagination or are used ctitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Published in the United States by Alfred A. Visit us on the Web! The books of beginning ; bk 1 Summary: Kate, Michael, and Emma have passed from one orphanage to another in the ten years since their parents disappeared to protect them, but now they learn that they have special powers, a prophesied quest to nd a magical book, and a fearsome enemy. ISBN intl. ISBN ebook [1. Brothers and sistersFiction. Space and timeFiction. Books and readingFiction. SEme [Fic]dc22 The text of this book is set in point Goudy. The girl was shaken awake.

    He was just this side of scrawny, and he had the same chestnut hair and dark eyes as his younger sister, though his were hidden behind a pair of wire-rimmed spectacles.

    People often mistook them for twins, which irritated Michael no end. Im a year older, Michael would say. I think its pretty obvious. There was a ash, then a whirring, and Michaels battered Polaroid camera spat out a picture. He had found the camera in a junk store in downtown Baltimore a few weeks earlier, along with a dozen packs of lm that the owner had more or less given him, and ever since, he had been using it for his exploring game, constantly reminding Kate and Emma how important it was to document your discoveries.

    Michael showed his sisters a rock hed just photographed. What do you think that is?

    Emma groaned. A rock. What is it? Kate asked, willing to go along. An old dwarf ax head, Michael said. Theres water damage, obviously. These are hardly ideal conditions for preservation. Thats funny, Emma said. Cause it looks just like a rock. All right, enough, Kate said, for she could see Michael was about to get upset.

    She told him about the woman coming to see them. You go, he said. Ive got work here. Most orphans longed to be adopted. They dreamed of a rich, kind couple whisking them away to a life of comfort and love. Kate and her brother and sister did not. For that matter, they refused to be referred to as orphans. Our parents are alive, Kate would say, or Emma would say, or Michael. And one day theyre coming back for us.

    Of course, they had nothing to support this belief. They had been left at St. Marys Orphanage on the banks of the Charles River in Boston one snowy Christmas Eve ten years earlier, and since that time they had not heard the faintest whisper from their. They couldnt even say what the P of their last name stood for. But still, they continued to believe, deep in their hearts, that their parents would one day reappear.

    This was due entirely to the fact that Kate had never stopped reminding Michael and Emma of their mothers promise, on that last night, that they would all be together again as a family. It made the thought of being claimed by some stranger totally unacceptable.

    The Emerald Atlas (Books of Beginning Series #1)

    Unfortunately, this time, there were other considerations. Miss Crumley says this is our last chance. Michael sighed and let the rock fall from his hand. Then he picked up his ashlight and followed his sisters out of the cave. In the past ten years, the children had been in no fewer than twelve different orphanages. Their shortest stay had been two weeks. Their longest by far had been at their rst home, St. Nearly three years. But then St. Marys had burned downalong with the Mother Superior, a kind woman named Sister Agatha, who took a special interest in the children but who had a bad habit of smoking in bed.

    Leaving St. Marys was the start of a journey that took them from orphanage to orphanage to orphanage. Just as the children would get settled in one place, they would have to move again.

    Finally, they stopped expecting to stay anywhere more than a few months, stopped trying to make friends. They learned to count only on each other. The reason behind all this moving about was that the children were, in adoption-speak, difcult to place. To adopt one, a family had to adopt all three. But a family willing to adopt three. Kate understood that if this lady didnt take them, Miss Crumley would cite it as proof that she had tried her best but the children were hopeless, and theyd be shufed off to the next orphanage.

    Her hope was that if she and her brother and sister were well behaved, then even if the interview was a failure, Miss Crumley would think twice about sending them away. Not that the children had any great love for their present home.

    The water was brown. The beds hard. The food made your stomach ache if you ate too much, but if you ate too little, your stomach ached anyway. No, the problem was that as the years had gone by, each new orphanage had been worse than the last. In fact, when theyd arrived at the Edgar Allan Poe Home for Hopeless and Incorrigible Orphans six months earlier, Kate had thought, This is it, weve reached the bottom.

    But now she wondered, What if theres someplace even worse? She didnt want to nd out. Half an hour later, washed and dressed in their best clothes which was not saying a great deal , the children knocked at the door of Miss Crumleys ofce. Come in. Kate led Emma by the hand. Michael followed close behind. She had counseled them, Just smile and dont say a lot.

    Who knows? Maybe shell be great. Then we can just stay with her till Mom and Dad come back. But when Kate saw the large woman wrapped in a coat composed entirely of white feathers, holding a purse in the shape of a swan and wearing a hat from which a swans head curved upward like a question mark, she knew it was hopeless.

    I suppose these are the foundlings, Mrs. Lovestock said, stepping forward to loom over the children.

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    Their last name is P, you say? Yes, Mrs. Lovestock, Miss Crumley tittered. She only came up to the giant womans waist. Theyre three of our best. Oh, I do love them so. But painful as it would be to part with them, I could force myself to. Knowing theyd be going to such a wonderful home. Lovestock bent to inspect them, causing the swans head to dip forward with an air of curiosity. Kate glanced over and saw Emma and Michael staring wideeyed at the bird. I should warn you now, Mrs.

    Lovestock said, I dont go in for any childish higgledy-piggledy. I wont have running, shouting, yelling, loud laughter, dirty hands or feet, rude comments about the bank. Each time she ticked off something she wouldnt tolerate, the swans head nodded as if in agreement. I also dont care for excessive talking, rubbing of the hands, or full pockets.

    I despise children with full pockets. Oh, these children have never had a thing in their pockets, I can assure you, Mrs. Lovestock, said Miss Crumley. Not a thing. In addition, I expect. Whats that on your head? Emma interrupted. Excuse me? The woman looked startled. That thing on your head.

    Whats that supposed to be? I know what it is, Michael said. Do not. Do too. So what is it? Emma demanded. Lovestock turned on the quivering orphanage director. Miss Crumley, what in the world is going on here?

    Nothing, Mrs. Lovestock, nothing at all. I assure you Its a snake, Michael said. Lovestock looked as if someone had slapped her. Thats not a snake, Emma said. It is too.

    Michael was studying the womans hat. Its a cobra. But its all white.

    The Emerald Atlas - Wikipedia

    She probably painted it. He addressed Mrs. Is that what you did? Did you paint it? Kate hissed. Be quiet! I was just asking if she painted Shhh! For what felt like a very long time, there was just the whisper of the radiator and the sound of Miss Crumley nervously clasping and unclasping her hands. Never in my life. Lovestock nally began.

    My dear Mrs. Lovestock, Miss Crumley twitched. Kate knew she had to say something. If they were to have any hope of not being sent away, she needed to smooth things over. But then the woman said the thing. I understand one can expect only so much from orphans Were not orphans, Kate interrupted. Orphans are kids whose parents are dead, Michael said. Ours arent. Theyre coming back for us, Emma added. Pay them no mind, Mrs. Pay them no mind.

    Its just idle orphan chatter. Miss Crumley held up the bowl of sweets. Lovestock ignored her. Its true, Emma insisted. Theyre coming back. Listen to me. Lovestock leaned forward. I am an understanding woman. You may ask anyone. But one thing I will not tolerate is fantasy. This is an orphanage. You are orphans. If your parents had wanted you, they would not have left you on the street like last weeks garbage without so much as a civilized name!

    P indeed! You should be thankful someone such as myself is willing to excuse your atrocious lack of mannersand your complete ignorance of the most beautiful waterfowl in the worldand take you into my home. Now, what do you have to say for yourselves? Kate saw Miss Crumley glaring at her around the womans waist. She knew if she didnt apologize to the Swan Lady, Miss Crumley would almost certainly send them somewhere that. But what was the alternative? Going to live with this woman who insisted that their parents had thrown them away like trash and had no intention of ever returning?

    She squeezed her sisters hand. You know, she said, it does look like a snake. When was only four years old, her mother made her promise she would look out for her brother and sister. For ten years, in orphanage after orphanage, thats what she's done. Kate wears a locket with a picture of herself and her brother and sister.

    She wishes she had a picture of her mother. She doesnt know that she looks more like her every day. Of course, Michael knows dwarves dont actually exist. Sort of. But thinking about dwarves is one way to escape life in an orphanage. Granted, it can also get you beat up. But, to him, its worth it, since his father, whom he hasnt seen in ten years, gave him the book. Y according to her file et in the orphanage office, she has been in twenty-three documented fights.

    Emmas file does not say that each of her fights was with children older and bigger than herself.

    The Emerald Atlas

    And that she won all twenty-three. Michael and Kate are her only family, and the orphanage is the only home she has ever known. He can transport himself hundreds of miles in an instant. He is endlessly kind. If it turns out the world is not destroyed by an evil, tyrannical force, he will have been largely responsible.

    Nov 08, Becky rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Fantasy fans Shelves: , humorous , zombies , highly-recommended , fantasy , multi-dimensional , tear-jerkers , reviewed , review-copies I requested this book thinking that it would be a fun and magical children's story aimed at year olds, like with the Percy Jackson series, but I was really surprised by the complexity and depth in this book, as well as the darkness, and loved every minute of reading it. I'm actually a little disappointed that I'll now have to wait for so long to read the next book and see what happens.

    Kate, Michael and Emma have been shunted from orphanage to orphanage for 10 years, since being removed fro I requested this book thinking that it would be a fun and magical children's story aimed at year olds, like with the Percy Jackson series, but I was really surprised by the complexity and depth in this book, as well as the darkness, and loved every minute of reading it.

    Kate, Michael and Emma have been shunted from orphanage to orphanage for 10 years, since being removed from their parents' house one Christmas Eve with a kiss and a promise that they'll be reunited again Then, after missing their last chance at placement with a foster family, they are sent to Cambridge Falls, where they stumble on an adventure that has been both 15 and thousands of years in the making.

    This story reminded me of other children's stories - but only little bits and pieces. There was nothing I could really point to and say, "Oh, he was inspired by THIS story here," or anything like that, it was more just an impression that I had. I was reminded of Harry Potter, only kind of in reverse, with the opening scene of the children being taken away from their home. I was reminded of E. Nesbit's stories as well throughout the book, mainly by the tone and the family loyalty theme.

    Stanislaus Pym, and explore the house. In the basement, a door appears before them, and they discover an emerald - colored book containing no text. When an old photograph is touched to a page of the open book, the children are teleported to the date and location on which the photograph was taken. There, the children observe a witch , titled the Countess , vowing to kill a child every week until the enslaved fathers of the children find what she seeks.

    The Countess notices the three orphans and calls upon her grotesque henchmen, designated Screechers, to capture them. Kate and Emma escape, but Michael is accidentally left behind, and his sisters return to save him; but lose the book the eponymous 'Emerald Atlas '. In escape, they are hunted by wolves; meet someone named Gabriel; and enter a subterranean maze , where Kate and Michael are captured by Dwarves.

    There, they discover a fifteen-years-younger Dr. Pym, with whom they recover the Emerald Atlas. Upon finding it, Kate is drawn into an earlier time, where she again meets Dr. Pym, and thence returns to the time she most-recently left.

    Once healed, Emma, backed by the wisewoman, sways the townsfolk into war against the Countess. After their victory, the witch herself remains to be conquered, and holds the imprisoned children on a boat.


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